Protection From Creditors

If you have been found liable for damages in a lawsuit, you may be facing payment of thousands of dollars in judgment awards and court costs; this could drive you deep into debt and cost you a lifetime of saving for the future. Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy puts an immediate stay on the lawsuit and judgment.

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Put a Stay of Execution on a Judgment Immediately

click here to email us now for a free case reviewWhy is our law firm different? Attorney Charles Sabo has been providing Bankruptcy and debt relief services in the Valley for more than 30 years. We know there are many Bankruptcy law firms serving this region – this is why we strive to set ourselves apart. From the moment you talk to us to arrange a free consultation, you will find that we are different.

Bankruptcy cases involving lawsuits and judgments are complex. We focus on getting the details right and taking an honest approach. You will always get straight answers and you will always remain in control of your own decisions. Our costs are reasonable and you will always know exactly how your case is progressing.

The right lawyer can make a huge difference in having a judgment or lawsuit against you stayed. In addition to aggressive advocacy for you, we offer a full range of Bankruptcy services:

Let Us Protect You from Creditors

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